What could be better than a garment that can be used in different ways? The Wabi-Sabi is a long sweater that can also be worn as a dress. Depending on the weather or the time of day, you’ll have the perfect outfit.

This alpaca wool sweater dress is created with a vintage hand-powered knitting machine at gauge 5. The loose fit and mid-thigh length offer a comfortable fit, a one-size-fits-all solution. Long sleeves to keep you warm in winter and a sensuous V-neck, which has been intricately worked by hand to create the delicate pattern. Exquisite details are in evidence, such as an invisible seam, decreased by hand. The star attraction of this garment is the back, with slim wool straps criss-crossing the upper back, offering an alluring glimpse of skin. Available in six neutral colours.

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designed by

Ainhoa Herrera




100% alpaca wool

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