The Rodríguez bag is a tribute to my mother, Blanca Rodríguez, so strong and able to adapt to all that life has thrown her way. Each bag is constructed from a stitched blanket of rescued pieces of leather. Extremely comfortable, the bag curves around your body, almost like a sling. The Rodríguez is a completely reversible leather shoulder bag.

Choose between luxurious fur and smooth leather or a suede-like texture. Depending on the situation, quickly transform your bag to suit the mood. The bag presents a fully adjustable strap in a slimmer version for women and a wider strap for men.

Available in three shades. Please be warned that variations in colour may occur due to the nature of the leather and the availability of rescued pieces.

229,90 VAT included

designed by

Ainhoa Herrera




Retalls de cuir oví de doble faç

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