Courage Toscano

Sometimes you’re busy and it’s hard to keep track of things. You just need to be comfortable and not worry about bags slipping off your shoulder. Maybe you’re on the go with your bike, maybe you’re running after your kids in the park. Your hands need to be free to fully enjoy life. The solution? A leather holster bag!

Made with quality Toscana leather, a durable cowhide that ages extremely well, becoming more supple over time, adapting to your body. Two “pockets” with zippers hang from a suspender structure that is easy to slip into and stays in place. The perfect size for phone, keys and wallets, the pockets are lined with denim.

Stylish and versatile, the “two pockets” can be unclipped from the suspender structure and fastened to belt loops on hips. So either way, your hands will be free and you can focus on your life. Because we all need a little Courage…

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designed by

Ainhoa Herrera




Toscano leather

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