About me

Silence invades the room and I sink into an almost meditative state as the knitting needles quietly click, adding rows and rows of stitches. I found solace in knitting after a rough period in life and have never looked back.

Fashion has been a constant in my family, the act of creating quality garments and accessories for others. My great-grandfather was the Spanish haute couturier Pedro Rodríguez. I remember sitting and watching him work when I was a child, how he effortlessly draped fabric to create a dress, his attention to detail, and the sparkling beadwork.

My mother continued with the family legacy, working with leather to create jackets and coats. Garments that generated leftover pieces, quality cuttings that are usually swept away and forgotten. I knew that I could rescue these forgotten pieces and craft something new. And that is what I do. I managed to pick up the pieces, finding happiness and creativity, working with my hands to knit warm scarves and hats for the winter months. Piecing together the leather remnants to handcraft reversible leather bags that adapt to different situations in life. Quality accessories handmade in Barcelona to make your life easier and more comfortable; timeless items that envelope you with style.

About Ainhoa Herrera


The yarn used is North by Katia, a wool company from Barcelona. Composed of 52% virgin wool and 48% acrylic, I experimented with various options until I decided on North. The thick wool texture, rustic yet soft, is perfect for the different hand knit patterns of scarves and hats. The colours are vibrant and consistent. Soothing on the skin and easy to clean, this yarn lends special warmth to each of the items that I knit by hand.

I am constantly investigating new patterns and stitches, stopping people in the street to examine interesting creations. Hours seem to fly by as the scarves slowly and quietly unfold between my needles. Each handcrafted item takes between two to eight hours to knit, each is a labour of careful love and attention. Prepare for winter with one of these products handmade in Barcelona and avoid the cold, choose whatever colour you like or custom combine different shades to match your style.


Working exclusively with leather firms in Barcelona, I bulk-buy scraps and leftovers of double-faced lambskin, rescuing these pieces to give them new life. I personally sort through every single scrap, a slow process, to ensure a uniform quality for each bag. Once the selection is finalised, I take the rescued pieces to a small leather workshop where they stitch the fragments together, creating a blanket of remnants. Carefully marking out the bag patterns, we conscientiously aim to use as much of the blanket as possible.

The patterns are then cut and stitched together, adding in the reversible zippers and other necessary details. This process ensures that almost all the handcrafted leather bags are reversible, offering different options for your life. Practical and stylish, the finished bags, entirely handmade in Barcelona, highlight quality and texture, perfect for your busy life.